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Welcome to Koh Chang's most backpacker friendly bungalows.

The Siam Hut Resort still remains loyal to it's original mellow-out formula, in times when most of our neighbors have torn down their relaxing beach bungalows and replaced them with fancy concrete hotel rooms with 4 star swimming pools in front of them and offer comfort and metropolitan service to young families and older couples to prefer an early night's rest and lot's of peace and quiet.

view over Lonely Beach from Siam HutThe Siam Hut resort is one of the last resorts on Koh Chang island (เกาะช้าง) where young and older people alike can relax, sit back and enjoy the emerald clear sea, the quiet white beach and the wonderful nature, without spending most of their money on accommodations. Rates start at only 350 baht during the low season and these wonderful Fan bungalows on the beach, all with private bathroom with shower, only reach the level of 500 baht during the high season.

Please note that we have only recently begun to accept reservations by e-mail or online booking at the Siam Hut Resort on Lonely Beach, so feel free to call us if you're afraid that something went wrong. For the free spirits under you: we will welcome each and every guest that decides to walk into our idyllic part of the beach and requests a beach front bungalow with private bathroom from us. At the Siam Hut bungalows you are welcome to stay as long as you like or check out the next day: It's all fine with us, just as long as you are happy!

Minimart on Lonely Beachthe Siam Hut Mini Mart

Because Lonely Beach does not seem to attract the same amount of 7-eleven shops as the rest of the beaches on the island do, we found it necessary to provide our guests with the comforts of having a convenience store in the Siam Hut bungalow complex. So whether you need soap, toothpaste, a razor or a quick Red Bull or Beer Chang: the Lonely Beach Mini Market has it on their shelves or in their large coke and pepsi refrigerators. You will find the Siam Hut mini mart on the road side at the entrance to the Siam Hut grounds. We also service customers from neighboring resorts like Bhumiyama, Tree house & the Siam Beach Resort

the Siam Hut internet cafe

Internet cafe on the seaThe most unique place to build an internet cafe on Koh Chang must be where we built one: on the sea! Even with our hi-speed internet access and only 6 computers to share that with, most of our guests appear to be waiting for there screen to change, while to stare over it, admiring the clear blue sea surrounding it. Some people have been know to ask for a discount on their usage minutes, because they spend more than 80% of their time by just enjoying the view, with hardly any emails being send! When the sun gets too hot during the hours around noon, make certain that you take a few minutes to enjoy the excellent view in the comforts of our air-conditioned internet cafe or go do the opposite and get a traditional Thai Tattoo at the Tattoo shop next to the internet cafe.

We will soon start building a new web site for the Siam Hut bungalow Resort, but because this backpacker resort is currently completely operational (and has been for decades) we decided that you deserve a preview of the natural beauty in and around the Siam Huts on Koh Chang island and see what chillin' out in paradise is really about.

Every Friday and Full Moon = Party Night at the Siam Hut bungalows on Koh Chang!!

For emergencies or lost and found you can contact our friendly staff members at +66-(0)86-6097772

Siam Hut Koh Chang, 100/1 Moo 4, Lonely Beach, Ko Chang island, Trat, 23170 Thailand.
Info: +66-(0)86-6097772 • Front desk: +66-(0)39-558084/5
The Siam Hut Koh Chang is a partial member of the Siam Resorts Group Thailand

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