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Traveling to the Siam Hut bungalows on Koh Chang

the cheapest options:

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus 392 carries passengers all the way to the Klong Son area on the island itself! No need to carry heavy backpacks and other belonings across nearly burning cement piers and up and down narrow, steep stairs on ferries: the Suvarnabhumi Burapha Bus company delivers you well rested and properly air-conditiioned to the island itself, from where it's only a short ride to the Siam Huts.

now there is also a similar bus / minibus service running between Pattaya and Koh Chang island. Check out the Pattaya to Koh Chang bus website for latest time tables and rates!

Even faster: for travel from Bangkok Airport: the Lonely Beach Express bus

The Lonely Beach Koh Chang Express shared minibus service will take passengers direct from door number 8 on the ground floor of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport terminal right to our beautiful Lonely Beach, without any stops (other than gasoline and toilet stops). It will not pass the cities of Chantaburi and Trat, like it's big brother does. Initial time tables are as follows:

From -> To: Departure times
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport -> Lonely Beach 14:00 00:00
Lonely Beach -> Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport 07:00 09:00

Above times are additional to the ones mentioned for the #392 big bus to Koh Chang. This bus will not stop anywhere else on the island, only on lonely beach. The 00:00 bus will drive to the ferry pier and wait about 90 minutes for the departure of the first ferry.

The fare for the Lonely Beach Express bus is just 308 baht / person / transfer and that even includes the ticket for the ferry to Koh Chang and all taxes. At this time, it's not possible to book seats for this service. Except for the peak dates between Christmas and the 2nd week of January, we do not expect that reservations will be required.

- By Bus from Bangkok: Regular bus services depart from Bangkok's Ekkemai and Mor Chit stations and are operated by 2 different operatorsMap to Koh Chang Siam Huts. Fares for the bus to trat are all around 250 baht. There are cheaper 2nd class buses available, but seats on those buses are not made for western people's dimensions. During the day there will be a bus departing from Ekkemai every hour on the hour and from Mor Chit roughly every two hours. Government bus #99 will take you directly to Laem Ngop, from where the ferries to Koh Chang depart. This bus departs from Ekkemai station (next to the Skytrain station with the same name) twice daily at 07:45 and 09:45. Most buses take 6 - 7 hours to reach Trat or Laem Ngop.

- By minibus from Khao San road in Bangkok: Minibuses or, during the high season, sometimes even tour buses depart early mornings (usually before 08:00) from Khao Sarn road. Some companies stop by the better known guesthouses with road access in the area to pick up passengers, while others wait at a centrally located pick up point. Seats on these vans can be booked from any travel agent in the Kao Sarn area or elsewhere in Bangkok. Fares are not fixed, so it may be advisable to shop around a little before booking. Overall the fare should not be much higher than that of the bus, but it will save you the trouble of heading out to the bus station by bus or taxi. If there are many backpack(er)s on a minibus, the trip can be very uncomfortable. These minibuses will stop 2 or 3 times for toilet breaks and / or refreshments and will take you to the pier in about 5 to 6 hours.

- By Bus from the new Suvarnabhumi international airport: Both government bus # 999, as well as Tanakvee's daytime buses from Mo Chit to Trat city now make stops at Bangkok airport. Bus #999 will depart around 08:15 and 10:15 to continue directly to Laem Ngop's piers, while the Tanakvee buses will collect passengers at the airport around 06:30, 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00 to take them to Trat city, where they can change buses to Laem Ngop and still be well on time before the last ferry sails at 20:00.

Less expensive, but much more comfortable:

- By Taxi: When in Bangkok, just pull over a driving taxi and ask him if he want to take you to Trat (but make sure to tell him that you want him to drop you in Laem Ngop)Siam Beach Minibus service to Koh Chang. If he agrees, verify that the fare will not be exceed the standard fare of 3500 baht. At the airport: if you are approached by the airport's limousine service, ask them if they are willing to take you to Laem Ngop for 3500 baht. If not: get in line for a regular taxi and offer the same. These taxi's have the right to add 50 baht to the regular rate (even if it is the rate you agreed upon), but it would show very little respect if he would actually charge it for a long ride like this. Taxi's will take 4 - 4 1/2 hours to Trat

- By Siam Beach Minibus: If you are traveling with more than 3 persons and a lot of luggage, it will be much more comfortable to arrange airport or downtown Bangkok pickup by our Siam Beach Minibus service. More expensive than a regular taxi, but this minibus will take you ALL the way from your pick up point to any of the Siam Resorts and the fare includes ferry tickets, expressway charges and other costs (like parking).

Update late 2010: From now until at least the 31st of December 2011, there will be no Siam Beach minibus pick up's available for off-island locations, as our drivers will have to run the above mentioned Lonely Beach - Bangkok Airport express minibus service. Until the time that the Siam Beach Minibus returns, you are most welcome to visit the Koh Chang Minibus & Trat Airport Transfers page to book minivan or private car transfers from Koh Chang to Bangkok, Trat Airport, Aranyaprathet, Hat Lek, Pattaya or Ban Phe through a closely related Minibus company on Koh Chang.

- By Airport Limousine: Although the term limousine is somewhat exaggerated, these luxury sedans (nicer Toyota Camry) will take you to your beach hut in style. If your group exist of only 2 persons and there is some space in your budget, these Bangkok Airport Transfer Limousines are definitely the way to go.

Most expensive and not always the quickest:

- By Air: Bangkok airways transports you to Trat airport in about 45 minutes. From there, the Bangkok Airways limousines (a seat on a minibus) will take you all the way to Siam Hut bungalows for a fare of 300 baht per person. This fare includes the ferry tickets. Currently there are only two flights between Bangkok international airport and Trat airport. The first departs at 08:15 (PG 301) and then there is a large time gap until 17:30 (PG 307).

From the ferry pier to the Siam Hut Resort:

Shared taxi / bus on Koh Chang island in Thailand- Shared Taxi: These converted pick up trucks are a mix between buses and taxi's. When on the island you can always waive on down, ask how much they want to take you to your destination and hop on if you agree on the rate. As these rates are not official it may sometimes be possible to negotiate a little. However, when getting off the ferry, rates are pretty much fixed. If there are enough people to fill the taxi, the driver will charge about 100 baht to take you to Siam Hut bungalows. If you arrive late and there are less people, he will ask for a higher rate or wait for the next ferry to bring more people. Please keep in mind that there is no other form of transportation available, if you consider negotiating the fare. Siam Hut will take about 30 minutes to reach.

- Private minibus: not always waiting to pick up customers at the pier, but usually available during high / peak season are the private minibuses. These will take only you and your party directly to your destination for a higher fare than you would pay on the shared bus-taxi's. In exchange for this higher price tag, you will get a refreshing air conditioner, waterproof and tumble proof luggage transport and a direct ride to your destination. Average fare to Siam Hut bungalows will be 800 - 1000 baht.

- From Koh Kood, Koh Mak & other islands in the region: Koh Chang Speedboats sails twice daily (during high & peak season only) to and from Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Wai and sometimes Koh si Mai from their base on Kai Bae Beach.

They also offer full and half day snorkeltrips around Koh Chang and private speedboat tours around Koh Chang and to other nearby island and coral reefs.

Siam Hut Koh Chang, 100/1 Moo 4, Lonely Beach, Ko Chang island, Trat, 23170 Thailand.
Info: +66-(0)86-6097772 • Front desk: +66-(0)39-558084/5

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